State Treasurer Launches Arkansas Finance Initiative

Updated: October 27, 2015


SPRINGDALE – Treasurer of State Dennis Milligan and educators from Monitor Elementary School joined together to launch the AR Finance. AR Future. program, a major initiative to bring critical financial education to Arkansas elementary-aged students. Beneficial Bank has partnered with leading education technology company EverFi to bring this interactive, web-based financial education program to schools across Arkansas.


During the event, Treasurer Milligan and Monitor Elementary educators offered remarks about the importance of financial knowledge for young people and the impact this education can have for years to come.


“We are proud to bring this critical education to elementary students across Arkansas, and excited to launch the program here in Springdale,” said Milligan. “Through online simulations and educational games, the AR Finance. AR Future. program will help set our students on a path to financial security and a successful life.”


Milligan said, “When we have a generation of leaders in Washington, DC that can’t balance their checkbook, it is essential that we teach the next generation of Arkansans the important life skill of financial literacy.  We must engage them early, reinforce those concepts continually throughout their formative years and ensure they start out their adult life not just financially literate but financially competent.”


Treasurer Milligan has partnered with education technology company EverFi, Inc. to bring the program to students. The elementary school course features an interactive, new-media learning platform specifically designed to introduce financial literacy skills early in a child’s development. The 2.5-hour curriculum aligns with both state and national standards, and includes topics such as saving, budgeting, responsibility and decision-making, credit and debt, careers, income, charity, and more.


“Our goal as educators is to prepare our students for a successful future, which is a job that often extends beyond a typical classroom,” said Monitor Elementary School Principal Maribel Childress. “This partnership with Treasurer Milligan enables educators to give our children the best possible chance to reach their full potential.”

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